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  • Neill Wright, MD

An Innovative Technique to Treat Adjacent Segment Disease

"Use of the modular system reduces the blood loss and likely the operative may reduce hospital stay...with a slightly lower complication percentage...(and) the modular plate may reduce length of dysphagia due to reduced dissection and traction on the esophagus."

Up to 20% of patients who have had cervical spine fusion to treat a herniated disc will require a second surgery in the following 10-20 years, due to degeneration at the level above or below (the "adjacent segment") the prior fusion.

In the past, the surgeon would often need to remove the implants from the first surgery to make room for the implants in the second surgery. This removal takes time, increases the blood loss, and adds to the complication rate.

Dr. Wright has pioneered a new technique in which only a portion of the prior implants are removed, making this second surgery faster and safer.

This technique was published in 2018:

Hawasli, A., Cashin, J., and Wright, N.M. Modular cervical plate system for adjacent segment disease. J Neurosurgical Sci, Feb 23, 2018.

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