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  • Neill Wright, MD

Returning to St Louis!

I am excited to announce that I will be returning to St. Louis once my non-compete contract clause with Washington University expires in the spring of 2022! While I have been humbled by the numbers of new and old patients driving up from St Louis (and beyond!) to allow me to provide their cervical spine care in Quincy, I am thrilled that I will be back in my home town soon. Hopefully, these types of non-compete clauses will be nullified in the future for other physicians to leave corporate medicine.

I am also proud to announce that I am joining a newly formed group of Neurosurgeons, made up of some of the most respected and talented brain and spine surgeons in the region. I am excited to bring my brand of personalized cervical spine care back to St. Louis and look forward to seeing both my old patients as well as anyone else with a neck problem!

Beginning in the Spring of 2022, patients will be seen in Creve Coeur at:

Neurosurgery of St. Louis

12855 N. Forty Drive

Suite 125

St. Louis, Missouri 63141


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