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  • Neill Wright, MD

Why Did I Change Locations?

Updated: May 27, 2020

Change is difficult- for me, my family, and for all of my patients whom I have treated over the past two decades. So why would I leave Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Hospital after all this time, leaving behind the prestigious titles of Professor and the endowed Professorship, the Herbert Lourie Professor of Neurosurgery?

I have spent the past two decades building a practice known regionally, nationally, and internationally for excellence in the treatment of cervical spine disorders. My passion has been the cervical spine and finding safer and better ways to provide surgical care for cervical spine disorders. I have developed new techniques to treat certain cervical disorders with a lower risk of complications. I led the expansion of our Department to Barnes-Jewish West County to create an environment dedicated to the operative treatment of cervical spine disorders.

I choose now to move my practice to a comprehensive center where all of the needs of my patients can be met in a single building, from advanced imaging to physical therapy and chiropractic care, from medical supplies to associated specialists in orthopedics and physiatry. I choose to move my practice to a hospital with all of the latest technology to care for the spine.

I choose to move forward.

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